Friday, November 30, 2007

Are You Building a Park, or Something?

Tom was working on the lot today and a guy stopped by and asked the question that titles this blog. The answer is: No. And yes.

We will eventually build a house here. It would be nice to break ground in 2008, but we're letting the schedule take shape organically.

We are building a park - our own beautiful space and a space to share with neighbors, affectionately called "Luciferous Terra" - a place on earth providing light or mental insight.

What we are doing now is getting to know the property. We are letting it talk to us. Letting it show us what it wants, how it greets the sun and rain, how it moves in the seasons. We are becoming familiar with each other (the lot and us) so that it will be happy and willing to receive us. We're planting things and making it beautiful, letting it know it's cared for.