Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Plant Thinning

What you're seeing here is part of the moving process! We, well mostly Tom, are turning our current yard (shown) slowly back into grass, as we promised the landlord. We're moving some plants to the new space, and giving away lots and lots. We certainly won't be out of the current house by next Spring, but Tom won't have as much time to spend on these plants. It's all part of the great, big organic process of building our new home. This process is moving slowly, but it is moving and at a pace that is comfortable for us....and our plant children!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bits and Pieces

We don't have a house plan, but we recently acquired some bits and pieces. On a recent visit to family, we salvaged this antique cupola with a copper roof and fun weather vane. We think the cupola may have once topped my sister's home, which is listed on the National Historic Register.

We also brought home this hand-made door, fashioned by my (Steph's) grandfather. It has three ornately carved panels on each side. This door means a lot because it's one of the most recent pieces that my grandfather created. His woodworking has slowed to a halt.

The idea is that these items will be incorporated into our home.

With Autumn fast approaching (or here), we'll be adding some perennials to the lot (more blooms for spring), part of the slow process of moving plants from our current home to the new one. Tom has also been at work taking down some "bird-poop" trees - that is, scrubby trees (mulberry) planted by aerial bombings of birds.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Fruit of the Land

Tom grew these lovely cantaloupes at the lot. They turned brown recently and we gobbled them up over the weekend! Tasty!