Monday, February 2, 2009

Ground Breaking

Tom and I, along with friends, celebrated our ground breaking on February 1st. That's when we celebrate the first day of spring, and we thought it would be an appropriate ceremonial start.

Photos by Anna. (Thank you!)

Although it was a warm and sunny day (in the low 50s), the ground was frozen and covered in snow.

Friends brought things to honor the ground breaking, like this bird's nest and pine bough.

And cornmeal that we all sprinkled on the snow.

Tom and I always throw out lettuce seeds in February (usually on Valentine's Day), and we did so this year at our new lot. It's pretty amazing how they'll melt through the snow and actually grow!

Two sculptures on the lot that Tom has made from found materials.

Special thanks to all our friends and family in attendance, either in spirit or in the flesh!