Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New American Gothic

Hello from Luciferous Terra,
Well it seems as though this spot of earth (may) want us as occupants. It is a learning experience. Actually my attempt at doing a blog post, a first by the way, is a learning experience. An old dog can learn new tricks. This photo is of me, Tom, or as a fellow the other day called me the Stone Man. He was walking by and stopped and chatted for awhile. He was wondering if I would give him a piece of limestone so that he could carve a memorial stone for his dad. Well, the deal did not transpire but I hope it does in the future. For anyone who wants to criticize my spelling or grammar or whatever, feel free to do so----- cause this ain't English class at this point, it's about fun and sharing. Who knows, maybe it will get more academic with time. This could be the beginning of that book I always thought I'd write.
So this is a plot of various perennials and annuals surrounding a piece of yard art affectionately called "Grilled Cheese Sandwich".

This photo is not a crop circle. However, it is proof that someone else did love this property at some point. What you see is what appears to be a circle of stones, probably a flower bed that seemed to surround a stone in the center, where I can easily imagine a bird bath sat at one time. There is a beautiful limestone sidewalk leading up to and beyond the circle. The discovery under x amount of soil was thrilling. This and the other discoveries so far help me to believe that helping heal this piece of wounded earth is what the rest of my life is about.

A better shot of "Grilled Cheese Sandwich".

Oh yeah---- someday we will build a house on this lot, or maybe it will rise up out of the soil in a somewhat organic fashion. I wonder if it's ok with the FDA if I use the word organic in such fashion? Don't "THEY" pretty much own that word and charge folks to use it these days?

Well, I best stop now before I start waxing poetic, or sarcastic, or caustic, or earth only knows what else.